Project Management

Application Software

Custom Application Development

We build custom software applications for our clients as per their unique business needs. We work on variety of platforms as mandated by our clients strategic technology road map. Our delivery model covers all aspects of SDLC in end-to-end or modular delivery. We have experience in developing whole solutions as well as only independent sub-modules that can be easily integrated with clients solution.

We have proven track record in developing solutions around Java, Microsoft, Oracle, Lotus Notes as well as Sybase technology platforms. Our development team keeps up with technological advancements via our continuous learning program.

Our flexible delivery model allows us to work with clients that follow waterfall or Agile methodologies. All development work is carried out at our premises with routine reviews, status meetings and walk through meetings done via teleconferencing, web meetings or face to face catch-ups. Our past experience has proven that project co-ordination works well when clients get real time visibility of progress on project via online tracking systems.

App Maintainance and Support

This service is aimed at clients with systems that has maintenance challenges such as:

* Little or no in-house knowledge within the organisation.

* System not on strategic road map.

* System does not get necessary funding to sustain full time support staff.

* Very small footprint and only needs minimum maintenance.

* System is on decommission path and needs to be retired orderly.

We offer unique solution for these challenges by:

* Providing maintenance at low cost base compared to full time staff expenses.

* Preparing necessary support material; documentation, knowledge base etc.

* Providing on call support charging model based on per call or SLA based.

* Providing resources for variety of old technologies.

Application Testing

We provide independent quality assurance to our clients that involves the delivery of all aspects of end-to-end software testing. We bring fresh ideas and unbiased views to testing being done or planned by clients. This service covers the review and/or delivery of test charter, test plans, test objective matrix, testing coverage reporting, testing health checks, system testing, integration testing, user acceptance, non-functional testing including performance and security.

We provide this service for all functional domains as well as application architectures. We also bring expertise in testing with off-the-shelf products in clients environment and custom configurations.

Our engagement model is very flexible and adaptable to clients need. Our service caters for testing that may be for short duration or even for large scale testing programs. Our services can be acquired for short assignments to cater for project peaks or longer term assignments that complement the client's in house skill set. Services can be either delivered on-site or off-site depending on the size and nature of the requirement while maintaining low cost structure.


Project Management

These services are delivered by certified project managers using Agile as well as traditional waterfall methodologies, We cover all aspects of project management such as estimation, business case preparation, scheduling, project costing, risk management, resource management and project delivery. Our consultants also have hands on experience in iteration management and reporting from story card management tools such as Jira.

Business Analysis

Our company provides experienced Business Analysts to analyse, document and socialise the requirements with stakeholders. Our consultants usually conduct requirement solicitation using variety of techniques including; workshops, story elaboration sessions, interviews etc. Requirements are documented in clients preferred formats such as requirement specifications, functional design, story cards etc. Requirements are reviewed with business users before obtaining sign-off to ensure requirements are captured accurately.

App Development

We provide software developers with extensive experience in variety of technical skills. We specialise mainly in database development (Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL), web development (Java and .Net) and Lotus notes. With excellent track record across whole software development life cycle (SDLC), our developers provides necessary ramp up capability to client's own development team.

Software Testing

We provide mid-level to senior quality analysts to assist our clients during any of the typical test phases; system testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, performance and security testing. Our testers are very thorough but can adapt to tight time frames by resorting to risk based testing.

Value Add Services

System Integration

Aspire Marketing has vast experience in system integration domain. We have worked on B2B integration, intra-organisation integration across platforms and also integration with third party packaged applications.

Our integration service model phases comprises of; source and destination interface contract definition, solution design, proof of concept/technical spike, implementation, integration testing, UAT, and production verification testing.

We have worked on file based integration, web services as well as tightly coupled integration using APIs. We offer integration services to suite clients business need that ranges from straight through processing (STP), interfacing with existing work-flow systems and/or delivery of data via Email.

Data Migration

We provide complete data migration services to our clients to assists when moving to different application, migrating data out of heritage systems that are no longer supported, when merging systems for simplification purposes etc.

Typical phases are; source to destination mapping, gap analysis, residual source data analysis, migration scripting (ETL), data reconciliation, financial reconciliation, dress rehearsals, support during testing of critical process on destination system, migration and post migration support.

We work on proven ETL tools where applicable but we also develop custom migration scripts when needed. We pride ourselves in delivering cost effective migration solutions under tight time frames.

Market Scanning

This the latest and exciting addition to our service catalogue. With rapid technological developments and diminishing time to market, it is imperative that right solution is identified and implemented as quickly as possible.

No matter how big or small your organisation is, everyone is grappling with dilemma of choosing between; off-the-shelf OR custom applications, open-source OR vendor systems etc. to name a few.

We believe that by conducting targeted market scanning, we can assist in identifying suitable solution for your business need. We employ variety of levers available to us. Few are listed below:

* Current Industry Developments.

* Professional Associations.

* Market Research.